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Digital Sticker Printing

CloudPrint Group offers digital printing services for stickers of different shapes, sizes, quantities and various adhesive strengths. Our stickers are of excellent quality and can stick to the most challenging of surfaces or be removable and relocated if required. To choose the right sticker for your job get in touch with our friendly customer service department.

Stickers FAQ

What type of surfaces are you applying your sticker to?

When choosing a sticker you need to consider a bunch of factors:

Indoor/outdoor: Outdoor stickers require more durable materials and UV resistant inks. Vinyl stickers are used outdoors while paper ones are for indoors.

Removable/permanent: Stickers with a permanent purpose should have a stronger self-adhesive. Removable stickers are chosen to allow the decal to be peeled off without destroying the sticker.

Rough surface: Stickers intended for use on rough surfaces should have an extra permanent self-adhesive.

Visibility: When choosing a window display, thought should be given if the viewer is seeing the image from inside or outside of the window. A clear sticker using a mirror image can be applied to the inside of a retail window so that the customer can view the promotion from outside of the window. One of the reasons for this choice is to reduce the ability of graffiti or defacing the sticker when the retail shop is closed.

What type of shapes?

We have the equipment to cut the stickers into any shape and size. Gives us the details of the stickers you need and we will get to work.

What’s the minimum order for my stickers?

The minimum quantity we recommend is at least 100 units. That’s because there are setup fees and they will become a significant portion of the cost if you go below our recommended minimum order number.

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