5 Reasons Why Print Media is Still Relevant in 2022

If you work in the marketing realm and are planning your latest campaign, odds are high you’ve already lined up a social media angle that is rife with engaging posts, interesting video uploads, and perhaps even a giveaway or two to really boost engagement. Perhaps you’ve spent weeks sorting out an email campaign to reach those who aren’t on social media.

But what about print material?

If this question leaves you scratching your head, you’re not alone. Many modern-day marketers assume print materials have gone the way of dinosaurs. But consider this—82% of consumers say they trust print ads the most when making a purchase decision. And, when combined with digital ads, print has the power to increase the effectiveness of online campaigns by a whopping 400%.

Still not convinced? We’ve gathered an additional 5 reasons why print media is still relevant to you in 2022. Let’s take a look!

1. Print is Concrete

As in tangible. Unlike online ads that can be scrolled past and quickly forgotten or emails that may be deleted before they’re ever opened, printed brochures, flyers, and pamphlets are physical ads that customers can take with them and can keep being referenced for weeks, months, and even years. This, in turn, keeps your business on the minds of recipients for far longer than a digital ad or email ever could.

2. Print Feels More Trustworthy

How many times do you receive an email from an unfamiliar brand and wonder if the business is trustworthy? Odds are, it happens often. Running an ad in a printed magazine or newspaper, however, lends an air of legitimacy to your business that digital ads just can’t convey. This is due, in part, to the loyalty of the audience who subscribes to the publication because they enjoy and/or trust it.

There’s also a timelessness to print. The fact that print has been around for generations—long before television and radio—makes it feel inherently more trustworthy. And handling a physical brochure or pamphlet creates a sensory experience for the recipient, which increases the likelihood that the printed information will be better retained than if it were viewed online.

3. Helps You Establish Your Brand

We all know how important branding is for any business, and print materials can help establish a brand in a way digital branding cannot.

There’s an emotional significance to print material that cannot be understated. Think about the last purchase you made from a high-end boutique. Perhaps the package arrived in a branded box. When you open it, your item is wrapped in branded tissue that is held by a thoughtfully designed sticker and lying on top is a handwritten note on branded stationary. These printed touches create a sensory experience for the recipient that can instantly build brand loyalty.

4. Gets Your Business in Front of Your Audience

There is a distinct advantage to working with a professional print house when creating print media…namely the seasoned professionals on staff who know how to use demographic data to ensure your materials are getting in front of the right audience. This will depend not only on your customer demographics, but also on the type of print media you’re creating. Do you need informational brochures? An eye-catching ad for the newspaper? An exhibition stand that will stand out from the competition at an industry convention?

Knowing how to use demographic information to craft the ideal print materials for your needs ensures your business information gets in front of those who are most likely to want your products and/or services.

5. It Can Enhance Your Digital Campaign

When it comes to digital vs. print, it’s important to remember this is not an “either/or” situation. There’s no reason you can’t use the two mediums together, and the truth is print materials can be used to boost the effectiveness of your digital campaign.

Let’s use the real estate industry as an example. An agent hosting an open house may have printed brochures available. On the brochure is a QR code that prospective buyers can use to access digital photos of the home they just toured.

Another example might be an apparel store focusing on social justice. When customers receive their order, they find a printed card with the company’s social media hashtag. The card encourages buyers to post photos of themselves wearing their purchase at local rallies and to use the hashtag in their own posts, thereby increasing brand awareness and creating social proof in the process.

Print media is going nowhere in 2022 and incorporating it into your marketing strategy will get your business in front of those who inherently trust the medium. If you are looking for an innovative, creative print house with years of industrial experience that can help you craft outstanding print materials, we hope you will contact us at Cloudprint Group. Our staff can help you create powerful print materials that will build brand awareness and get people interested in what your business has to offer.

Many thanks,
Christian & the CloudPrint team.