About us

Cloudprint Group is an innovative, creative print house based in Sydney, Australia.

Who we are

We combine years of industrial experience from national and international leaders in print technology to bring you top quality, cost-effective printing. Our personalised service has made us the first choice for major companies that continue to engage us for all their print promotion and marketing needs.

At Cloudprint Group, we offer a diverse range of print services – from company brochures to user manuals, to display systems and POS campaigns. Whatever the budget, we are committed to providing the highest level of professional service and we will personally manage your projects and advertising campaigns end-to-end, from initial consultation to final product.


Our mission

With our passion for creative print solutions, combined with our use of cutting edge technology, we aim to be Sydney’s premier print agency, delivering flexible and customised solutions to ensure our clients are happy with the result every single time.

Meet the team




Colin Burnell

General Manager

Jane Thorpe

Business Development Manager

Christian Middleton

Managing Director

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