Here are the Top 5 Signage Ideas for 2022 Your Competitors are Using

We are used to design trends changing when it comes to fashion and interior design, but did you know that signage styles fall into and out of fashion at a similar rate? It’s important to stay on top of current trends, particularly if you are considering rebranding your business in 2022 or plan to host a sign-heavy event. The type of signage you choose can make all the difference when it comes to the perception of attendees or potential clients. Will yours be seen as a modern company with a finger on the pulse of what’s current…or an outdated, boring business that seems to be stuck in the past?

We want to make sure your clients and customers view your business in the former category. To that end, we’ve created a list of the top 5 signage trends for 2022 that will make your business stand out from the competition.

1. Embrace Minimalism

There is something indescribably appealing about a sign that is simple, clean and easily identifiable, particularly if your business has a well-thought-out logo (think Nike’s swoosh or Apple’s….well, apple). Embracing minimalistic signage means letting go of design extras like 3D signage, limiting yourself to a single sign color with a contrasting shade for text and image, and a streamlined version of your current logo.

CP ramenplace
Ramen Place image source: Tailor Brands

Let’s take the Airbnb logo as an example. Though it is relatively simplistic in appearance, quite a lot of thought went into its design. The tear-drop shape in the center of the logo represents both the human head, conveying the idea that theirs is a customer-oriented company, and a digital location icon that most people associate with traveling. And, like the minimalist juggernauts mentioned previously, the Airbnb logo is instantly identifiable, even without the name of the company present.

CP airbnb
Airbnb logo source: Logo My Way

2. Neon Signage is H-O-T

There was a time when neon lighting was relegated to dusty pubs and outdated bars. But this unique signage feature has enjoyed a resurgence of late, particularly for businesses who want to create a ‘gram-worthy photo opportunity.

CP igotservedin houston
Photo Source: Aqua S

Neon signage is having a moment this year, and for good reason. It is drop-dead gorgeous and eye-catching, and perfect for businesses that are open after dark. It’s surprisingly affordable, offering quite a lot of bang for relatively few bucks. And it can turn an unused corner of your business into an iconic photo opportunity.

3. A-Frame Signs

In a perfect example of the age-old phrase, “Everything old is new again”, A-frame signs, also known as sandwich boards, are enjoying a return to popularity due, in large part, to their versatility and affordability.

A-Frames are lightweight and can be carried out of and brought into your business every day. A-Frame signage may be useful to use for directional clarity if your business is just off the main road. It is also great for restaurants wanting to highlight specials or meals of the day for passersby. Some businesses choose to use an A-frame chalkboard and hand write funny captions and sayings each day on their signs. These are often photographed and posted on social media where they go viral, providing the business with a waterfall of free marketing benefits.

4. Media Walls

If you’ve watched celebrities walk the red carpet and pause for a photo op, you’ve likely seen the power a media wall holds. Media walls are traditionally covered with the event logo and have become a staple at everything from charity events to weddings and event galas. But many businesses and restaurants are starting to use them in-house with their own clientele.

Media walls are eye-catching, instantly increase your brand awareness, and make for the perfect place to take photographs with clients once the deal has been sealed.

5. Car Magnet Signs

And let’s not forget about the “little sign that could”. Magnetic signs that attach to the door panel of your car are the answered marketing prayer for many small businesses.

Magnetic signs allow you to showcase important information about your business, raise brand awareness while you drive around town, and provide the biggest bang for your marketing bucks. They are also great because they are removable, allowing you to market away during the day, and easily remove them in the evening when you must attend a more formal event.

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