4 Reasons Offset Printing is Perfect for Your Business

Do you have a big print job on the horizon for your business? Perhaps it’s time to update your business pamphlet. Maybe you’re attending an industry conference in the not-too-distant future and want to make sure you have plenty of print material on hand. Or you might need to order a large number of business cards.

Regardless of the reasons, if you’ve been researching the best print house for your needs, you’ve likely come across the option of having your materials printed with a digital or offset printer.

And you may be wondering…is there really a difference?

The short answer is, yes! And the right printer for you will depend largely on the scope of your print project.

Today, we’re going to define offset printing and offer 4 of our top reasons why this unique printing method may be just what your business is looking for.

What is offset printing?

Offset printers typically use zinc or aluminum plates to transfer your image onto a rubber cylinder, or “blanket”, that then rolls the image onto the printer. The flexibility of the cylinder allows images to be printed on a wide variety of surfaces including paper, wood, cloth, metal, and leather.

What are the benefits of offset printing?

1. It’s Perfect for Large Print Jobs

If you need a large print job like the ones mentioned above, you’ll want to consider offset printing. While digital printing is great (and often more economical) for smaller print jobs, the initial high cost of the setup fee for offset printing is offset by the reduced price you’ll pay for a large print order.

Side note: If yours is a business that orders only a few brochures at a time in an attempt to save money, consider placing a single, offset print job at the beginning of the year. Doing so could save you a substantial amount of money in the long run.

2. You’ll Enjoy High-Quality Results

When it comes to your marketing materials, appearance is everything. The quality of the print job used for your flyers, postcards, and pamphlets will determine how your customers…and your competitors…view your business. The last thing you want to do is spend your hard-earned marketing dollars on subpar printing that will make your business appear unprofessional.

Offset printing ensures your materials will bear a high-quality image. This is due to the fact that your print operator has direct control of the ink flow. No more wasted materials on test prints or struggling with contrast issues as you try to print things for yourself.

There’s a reason most high-end magazines and catalogs are printed with an offset printer—the text is sharper, and the images are crystal clear.

When you entrust your order to a quality print house using offset printing, you know you’ll receive materials with flawless imagery each and every time. Consistency…it’s a beautiful thing.

3. Your Images Can be Printed on Just About Anything

We mentioned this earlier, but it bears repeating. One of the biggest advantages of offset printing is the fact that your images, graphics, and/or text can be printed on just about anything.

Let’s say your company is attending an industry conference. We all know how much attendees love free swag. Instead of passing out the same old boring pens that every other vendor will have, why not think outside the box? When using an offset printer your logo can be emblazoned on plastic water bottles or canvas bags (and you’ll earn extra points for being eco-friendly…look at you go!) that recipients will be using for years to come.

And if you want to make sure your business stands out from the rest, consider having a cloth or plastic banner printed using…you guessed it…offset printing.

4. Your Brand Will Reap the Benefits

American entrepreneur and founder of Forbes magazine Malcolm Forbes once said, “Looking the part helps get the chance to fill it.” If you want your brand to be taken seriously as a professional contender in your industry, then you must look the part—and much of that will hinge on the quality of print materials you use.

When you invest in quality marketing materials with crystal-clear text and bold imagery, potential customers will view you as a professional whom they can trust. And your competitors? Well, they may get a little nervous…and that is never a bad thing.

And so…

If you find yourself in need of a large print job, we hope you’ll contact us at Cloud Print Group. Our experts in offset printing have over 50 years of combined experience and will use cutting-edge technology to meet your needs.

Together, we’ll create a stunning finished product that will grab attention and speak well for your brand.

Many thanks,
Christian & the CloudPrint team.