5 Tips for Designing Your Print Marketing Materials to Help Grow Your Business

In today’s digital age, many small business owners wonder if printing marketing materials is still worth it.

Though it may surprise you, the answer is…yes.

Consider this—nearly 80% of consumers act on direct printed mail advertisements compared to just 45% who act on digital ads. Additionally, 82% of customers say they trust printed ads the most when making a purchase decision.

When done correctly, print marketing has the capability to establish your brand as a leader within your field and make your brand appear more professional to potential customers. So, to help you get it right, we’ve gathered 5 of our top tips for designing quality print marketing materials that will get people’s attention and boost your brand.

1. It All Starts with a Quality Logo

We cannot say this enough—your logo can make or break your business. It is the image that is associated with your company, the icon that visually communicates who your company is and what it stands for.

If you don’t yet have a logo for your business, now is the perfect time to create one before you pay for printed materials…because that logo should be on everything. And if you are not exceptionally skilled at creating logos or using design software, we highly recommend retaining the services of a professional graphic designer who can take your ideas and turn them into a thoughtful, well-crafted, professional logo design.

2. Put Your Brand Kit to Use

If you haven’t already created a brand kit (of which your logo should be a part), then building one should be next on your to-do list.

A brand kit is a collection of all the unique elements that make up your brand—from your logo to your color palette and text fonts. Keeping these elements consistent throughout your print materials is what separates professional businesses from their struggling counterparts. A brand kit is just as important for digital marketing, so it just makes sense to have this created ASAP.

3. Stand Out with Unique Shapes

The scope of print marketing has changed significantly over the last few decades. No longer are companies constrained by the standard square and rectangular requirements of the past. One of the easiest ways to make your marketing materials stand out from the rest is by changing up the shape or design.

No longer do business cards need to be the standard rectangle. Many businesses are embracing square, round, or oval shapes…and some go even further. Take this business card, for example, from a florist who uses a…you guessed it… flower-shaped business card. You can be certain that potential customers who are collecting cards at a florist convention will notice this unique card even if it is buried in a sea of standard, rectangular options.
And the same concept can be used for brochures. Die-cut technology allows print houses to create unique and eye-catching designs. We love the cut-out feature used here by AmazonLocalUK on their sales pack.



4. Use Eye-Catching Imagery

We’re all for using stock images in a pinch but, when it comes to your marketing materials, you’ll have to do better. The images you use should directly relate to your business and show your product or services in action. Once again, this is not the time to cut corners and you may want to invest in a professional photo shoot to show your products in the best possible light.

The same goes for infographics that can help you communicate a story or visualise data in a way that makes sense to readers. Perhaps you want to share surprising statistics about your business or explain visually the process through which your company solves problems for their customers. Infographics are an easy way to convey information that can be easily consumed by clients.

But they must look good…so take the time to contact that graphic designer you used for your logo and allow him or her to work their magic.

5. Don’t Discount Digital

There’s something magical that happens when businesses allow traditional print and cutting-edge digital technology to play together in marketing materials.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by adding a QR code to your print materials. What happens when someone scans the code is entirely up to you. It could direct users to a landing page containing relevant information about your business. Or it might offer them a downloadable coupon that may be used on their next purchase. The possibilities are truly limitless.

And so…

If you are ready to upgrade your print materials and are looking for the perfect print house with which to partner, we hope you’ll contact us at Cloudprint Group. Our innovative and creative team will help you create visually stunning materials that will grab the attention of potential customers and encourage them to interact with your business.

Many thanks,
Christian & the CloudPrint team.