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Digital Brochure Printing

CloudPrint Group offers brochure printing services that facilitate different folding types, sizes and paper types. We have the experience and attention to detail to create a brochure that meets your needs.

Brochure FAQ

What folding types do you offer?

Concertina folding: is continuous parallel folding pattern similar to an accordion. Allows lots of info to be presented in smaller-sized brochures.

Z folding: made up of 3 double-sided panels that fold to create 3 sections.

Roll folding: also known as over and over fold or barrel fold. One end of the document is folded inwards to create an 3, 6, 8 or 10 panel document.

Gatefolding: 2 panels of a document are folded on both ends. They can they be opened back up again like “gates”. This allows for 6 panels to contain printed images.

What sizes?

The brochure sizes we provide are DL, A3 folded to A4 and A4 folded to A5.

What type of paper do you recommend?

We provide a wide range of paper types and there are different things to consider. This includes the paper width, glossy finish and colour. Give us your project guidelines and we can recommend a paper type that matches your needs.

Offset or digital printing?

Offset printing is the traditional method that takes longer but usually produces the best quality. Often varnishes are used to assist drying and scuffing and there is a lot of control over the colour.

Digital printing has improved in quality over the years and is now close to offset quality printing. It’s usually used for short runs and has the added ability for variable data (every sheet personalized).

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