Business Cards

Our revolutionised, offset printing services offers a fast turnaround, allowing us to get
your job done more efficiently in the least amount of time possible.

Offset Business Card Printing

CloudPrint Group offers business card offset printing services – it’s the cost-effective and higher quality method. We have the experience to give your business card a professional look and retain the quality when printing thousands of units.

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Business Cards FAQ

Why is it best to print my business cards offset?

Ideal for large runs: Want hundreds or thousands of business cards printed in one go? Offset printing is the best choice because the unit price will be lower compared to other methods. Also, the speed of printing is quicker, which is ideal if you need a large batch and are on a tight schedule.

Colours: Offset printing gives you access to fluro/metallic and pantone colours. The higher quality will look and feel professional when you distribute your business cards. A well designed, quality printed business card will help first impressions especially when the aim is to secure further conversation and stronger business connections.

Large organizations: Offset printing is ideal for large organizations that need multiple employee names represented in conjunction with uniform colour branding and consistency.

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