Backlit Films

Looking for premium backlit films that will stand out at night? Then choose the backlit films offered at CloudPrint Group.

Backlit Films Printing

Backlit Films are an effective way to market products or display information. The quality of the finish means you will have a premium image to display to the general public. The added cost of backlighting the image is inexpensive compared to the benefit. Want to learn more about the backlit films we offer? Then contact CloudPrint Cloud to learn more about what we can offer you.

Backlit Films FAQ

What does it look like during the day?

The backlit film is most visible at a distance when it gets dark. However, during the day the substrate used allows the image still to be visible. You’ll find the most use out of backlit films during the darker months of the year.

What are the different sizes?

The economical option is to use our standard sizes but we can also custom make light boxes based on your order specifications. Want to know if we can meet your order requirements? Then give us a call today and we can start working on your order.

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